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Make money online first in Vietnam, payment via ATM

Make money online first in Vietnam, payment via ATM - Quy Nhon - make money on the

Position Type: Part Time
This is the site to make money in the first streaks men! To best use this site you should set to "Google Chrome". To set the "Google Chrome" on page board to download a good time!
After running the test period, on 15/04/2011 satavina will officially go into operation. Satavina Company will pay to see ads for customers through a scoring form for each member to view ads. On average, the number of points you can earn as follows:
- See video ads: 10 points / second.
- Read the ad: 10 points / second.
In a day you spend 5 minutes to view ads, you can earn: 10x60x5 = 3000 points, so you will earn 300dong (10diem = 1dong company computer). Not only that, the company also points to you when you refer other people with their ad:
- You introduce 10 people you see ads (known as your Level 1), 10 people were also set aside 5 minutes of ads each day, the company also pays for you 300dong/nguoi
- Similar to Level 1 so 10 of each person you refer 10 people, you have 100 people (called the two of you), the company also pays for you 300dong/nguoi.ngay.
- Similarly, the company pays you to level 5 of the following diagram:
- If you build to Level 1, you are 3.000dong/ngay
→ 90,000 VND / month.
- If you build to Level 2, you are 30.000dong/ngay
→ 900,000 / month.
- If you build up to level 3, you are 300.000dong/ngay
→ 9,000,000 VND / month.
- If you build to Level 4, you are 3.000.000dong/ngay
→ 90 million VND / month.
- If you build up to level 5, you are 30.000.000dong/ngay
→ 900 million VND / month.
If you introduce 10 friends along with their ads, each month you also get nearly 100,000 (enough to recharge your cellphone, right?). And who knows, 10 people you also want to introduce them to top up mobile money as you, they also introduce each of 10 friends anymore, so you've got the two of you and your income is now 1 million / month ( is also a decent amount of money contributed to your savings book, right?)
* There are 3 forms of payment to SATAVINA amount you earn for you:
- Top-up for your mobile phone, just that 50k is you can pay by this method.
- Using the services of Satavina.
- Payment via bank account, this one must be over 300k. Satavina will free membership card for you, go to the home page to view detailed information about this. It's like an ATM card that or withdraw money at ATMs of some banks Viettinbank and other links.
current satavina has stable operation, it has a membership drive for more than 1000 members risk enough to find its prestige, why wait any of you that do not register it immediately.
User register SATAVINA
You click here to sign up: @ & hrID = 192897
Line 1: Referrals email address is:
Line 2: enter the code Referrals: 00,192,897
Satavina require you to have email and referrer code! I hope you support her soon have time to verify the status of this company! Thank you!
You may ask who introduced you to know two sites need to report information in the "Statement About Us".
Line 3: enter your email address to log into the site.
Line 4: enter the information that was declared in line 3.
Line 5: enter your password to log into the site.
Line 6: enter the information that was declared in line 5.
Line 7: Enter your ID number. You need to enter the correct ID number for comparison Satavina to pay, if entered incorrectly or not honestly declare we will not transfer money to your account. In case you are not old enough for ID, Satavina will retain the money until you are old enough and can withdraw the amount accumulated.
Line of 8.9 and 10: declare your personal information in the ID card or birth certificate. You must declare to Satavina exact test when comparing cash to avoid loss of money. Satavina absolutely committed to protecting your information. Note: you should write your full name and marked the first letter should be capitalized
Line 11: select the name of province / city you are in / staying current. You should declare accurately to the survey companies send cards and make you pay for. If you have misrepresented information, the company will check and not pay you when doing survey.
Line 12: enter the phone number of your standing. Because the company will recharge your phone number declared in this line. If you enter an incorrect phone number, Satavina not responsible for loss of assets to recharge your phone.
Line 13: enter the address of your yahoo messenger (your nickname in yahoo). You need this line to report promptly to update information on the fastest Satavina promotions, auctions, sweepstakes, pay monthly. The declaration is to ensure your rights, to avoid Satavina emailed to you being blocked by spam program.
Line 14: enter the code in the box next to.
Then you check the box below before the words "I have read ......" then click on the word "REGISTER" on the end. Thus, you have completed the declaration register information.
Next, check the email you have declared. You send in your mailbox Satavina and click on the word "activation". Thus, you have become official members of Satavina.
After activating your account you on the "LOGIN" at the top right corner site (near the Registration section). You enter your email and password declared in line 3 and 5 to log into the site.
After logging into the site, you go to "Your Account" then on "Account Information", you will see the number of its members. Thus, you can use email and the code of its members to introduce your friends to join the make money and learn useful knowledge from the site.
Start by signing up to make money you choose: moneymaking opportunities. In this section there are 4 items that make money: video ads, read ads, surveys and writing! To view the ad viideo should install google chrome as my guide on
This is a site in Vietnam ne! licensed business that properly